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NAAAP-DFW LEADS Conference (NAAAP LEADS) is a one-day professional development event.


NAAAP LEADS encompasses our key values of Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, Diversity, and Service--values that we believe every leaders and professionals should portray.


During NAAAP LEADS, attendees will benefit from workshops lead by experienced professionals, network with their fellow peers, and connect with industry experts and our community partners.


Additionally, attendees will also get to attend our Women in NAAAP event in the afternoon, where a panel of esteem women leaders speak about their experience and share their knowledge.


The 2020 LEADS theme is “Diversity in Leadership”. We understand that every individual is different, which means that every leader is different. We aim to push attendees to think of diversity beyond the usual differentiators like race, age, or gender and bring awareness to other elements that make up a leader. Whether someone is in an executive role, middle-management, entry-level, or entrepreneur, every person can exemplify leadership qualities at each level.

For your reference, please download and save a copy of the LEADS FAQ document here

Session Information


How Diversity Affects Crisis Management

Inclusion and diversity are at risk in the crisis—but are critical for business recovery, resilience, and re-imagination. COVID-19 crisis is confronting companies around the world with a daunting degree of disruption. Companies will have to focus on their most pressing basic needs—such as urgent measures to adapt to new ways of working; consolidate workforce capacity; and maintain productivity, a sense of connection, and the physical and mental health of their employees.

Leveraging Technology to Transform Diversity

Technology allows individuals to work with others across the world and promote inclusivity. Talent is not there if you don’t do anything differently yourselves. If you say I want diverse backgrounds, but I want them to come from the same university with the exact same profiles as before – then you are not really solving that problem. If you are not changing or altering your attraction strategies and potentially your selection strategies, then you will not find truly diverse talent. You must have a commitment to all those different elements – sourcing, assessment, communication, and marketing, and if you do, you will receive the benefits that diversity brings. Technology can be the catalyst and the medium that allow others from different backgrounds to collectively share thoughts and ideas, which is the ultimate driver for growth.



Determining Your Leadership Style

What differentiates leaders from those who ultimately succeed versus those who fail? What are those potential strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots – and pinpoints the settings where you as a leader, will be most and least effective? Every leader has a “go-to” style, recognizing all those styles and learning to be flexible based on the situation, can help one succeed in a wider variety of leadership contexts.

Reduce Groupthink through Diversity of Thoughts

Groupthink occurs when a pool of people feel uncomfortable stating their own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs because they are afraid of criticism and going against the grain. The phenomenon causes intelligent individuals to collectively make poor decisions because they are more concerned with blending in and avoidance of conflict than using their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. How does one should act in order to combat against herd mentality?