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NAAAP-DFW Scholarship

We are pleased to be present the NAAAP-DFW High School Scholarship to encourage promising Asian American high school seniors seeking higher educational opportunities. This scholarship is awarded to recipients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Each scholar receives $1000 to be applied to his or her education fund.


This year we have held charity fundraisers such as the “Bake a Difference” Baking Event to raise money for the NAAAP-DFW Scholarship Fund. 3 scholarships were awarded at our Annual Awards Gala, "Viva Las Colinas" on November 7th, 2014. We are looking forward to expanding opportunities in 2015 to raise even more money for deserving students like:

  • Sung Mawi
  • Shaker Neupane
  • Ganapati Bhandari


NAAAP-DFW's Fundraising event “Dumplings for Diplomas” at Jeng Chi allocated 100% of the donations directly to the NAAAP-DFW scholarship fund. as we raise money for local High School students planning for college in the 2013-2014 school year. Scholarships were awarded to 2 recipients at our Annual Awards Gala on November 1st, 2013.

  • Kim Hong, Townview Magnet in Dallas
  • Diwash Adhikari, Conrad High School


This year we have held charity fundraisers such as the Kickball Charity Match and Dumplings for Diplomas to raise money for the NAAAP-DFW Scholarship Fund. We are looking forward to expanding opportunities in 2013 to raise even more money for deserving students like Shiva Acharya & Kaitlin Lok!

  • Shiva Acharya - Shiva was born in a refugee camp in Nepal and grew up seeing that the way people surpass through difficult situations is by helping one another. Shiva wants to continue his studies so he can better help those around him. He has served in the OBS (Organization of Bhutanese Society) in many capacities including teaching Engish and US citizenship. Shiva has also been a part of many academic organizations at Conrad High School, as well as serving on the student council there. Shiva plans to major in psychology and become a therapist.
  • Kaitlin Lok - Kaitlin lives with her mother and brother and credits her mother for showing her how hard work pays off and leads to opportunities. Kaitlin is a volunteer at H.O.P.E. Tutoring, providing free classes in reading and math. She also volunteers at the North Texas Youth Honor Society. Those volunteer service experiences have lead Kaitlin to discover a passion for helping others. Among her many extracurricular activities, Kaitlin also plays viola in the school orchestra. Kaitin wants to be a medical doctor and work with Doctors Without Borders.

Past Recipients

2014 Scholarship Winners

2013 Scholarship Winners

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